Episode 14 | Peter-assment

Plot (Spoiler)

Peter becomes a paparazzo, and begins recording local celebrities, including Ollie Williams, who breaks Peter’s glasses. Unable to get his glasses fixed for work, he decides to wear contacts. Once he arrives, his boss, Angela, begins making disturbing sexual advances. Eventually, Angela invites Peter over to her house under the guise of working on a “project” leading Peter to quickly deduce she intends to have sex with him. Using Quagmire as a double Peter agrees to have sex with her, but Quagmire backs out when he loses interest resulting in Peter being fired. Later that night, Peter drives back to Angela’s house and discovers she is attempting to commit suicide. He rescues her, and Angela confesses that she has no hope in life. Peter decides to have dinner with her, where she tries to seduce him, threatening to kill herself if he refuses sex. Peter then agrees, this time using Mort as a double which rekindles Angela’s will to live. Angela then rehires Peter, after thanking him for making her life whole again.


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