Episode 5 | Hannah Banana

Plot (Spoiler)

Stewie learns that Miley Cyrus will be hosting a concert in Quahog, but tickets to the show sold out in mere seconds. He sneaks in backstage, and Miley Cyrus soon becomes Stewie’s best friend. Once he notices something strange about her, however, he discovers that she is an android. Stewie attempts to reprogram Miley for use as Brian’s sex toy. This backfires when Stewie causes a short-circuit and she rampages through the city. Meanwhile, Chris does poorly on a test at school and blames the Evil Monkey living in his closet. Peter and Lois are fed up with him talking about the monkey, and claim it does not exist. Chris then captures the monkey and shows it to the family. The monkey then goes on to explain his backstory, claiming the entire event is a huge misunderstanding. As it turns out, the monkey discovered his wife had committed Adultery one night resulting in divorce. As result, the “Evil Monkey” found himself spiraling into depression which cost him his job and home. These events forced him to move into Chris’ closet where he lived for nine years. Chris is at first unconvinced, but when the monkey helps him write a book report, they become friends. Later, the group sees Miley destroying the city after Stewie unsuccessfully re-wires her, and the monkey confronts her. He is taken to the top of a skyscraper, so Peter recruits Quagmire to shoot her down in a biplane and save the monkey. After Quagmire and Peter destroy the android Miley and save the monkey, the latter decides it’s time to move out and does so.

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