Episode 3 | Spies Reminiscent of Us

Plot (Spoiler)

Actors Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd begin living in the neighborhood, causing Stewie and Brian to investigate. Discovering a secret underground military facility, they learn that the actors are government spies. They try to warn Mayor West about an deactivated Russian sleeper agent in Quahog, only to discover that West is actually the sleeper agent. During the ensuing fight Aykroyd plants a homing beacon on West’s leg. West escapes to Russiaand the four quickly follow him. They are soon captured under orders of Vladimir Putin, who explains that word of the sleeper agents would be an embarrassment to their government, and offers to help them stop West from fulfilling his mission. By the time the four find West, they watch him launch a missile aimed for the United States, but Aykroyd is able to hack into the missile’s guidance system, allowing him to aim the warhead high above the atmosphere where it harmlessly explodes. Meanwhile, after Peter tells Quagmire and Joe about how Chase and Aykroyd criticized Peter’s comedy skill, Quagmire convinces Peter and Joe to form an Improv comedy troupe with him. Unfortunately, Peter loses interest and ruins the group with his shenanigans.

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