Episode 6 | Prick Up Your Ears

Plot (Spoiler)

After finding Chris and his friends watching pornography in his bedroom, Lois tells Chris to speak to his sex-education teacher if he is curious about sex, but is shocked to learn that the school does not have one, due to budget constraints. She applies for the role and is accepted, but is quickly fired due to parents protesting outside the school. The school then hires a Reverend to teach the children not to have sex before marriage. In agreement to the Reverend’s teaching, the students of James Woods High establish ‘ear sex,’ much to Lois’s chagrin after she catches Meg and her new boyfriend, Doug, engaging in the act. Later, during another assembly presented by the Reverend, Lois takes over the assembly and tells the children that sex is not wrong and is acceptable before marriage if they are ready. The children realize how they have been brainwashed, and agree with Lois. Meg’s new boyfriend soon ends his relationship with her, leaving Meg distraught. Meanwhile, Stewie decides to capture the tooth fairy for stealing his baby teeth, after they had fallen out, but is unable to do so.

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