Episode 15 | Boys Do Cry

Plot (Spoiler)

Lois gets a job as the new organist for the church, which causes her to decide to persuade her family to start attending mass on Sundays. After Stewie mistakes Communion wine for punch, he drinks too much and vomits; the town of Quahog then believes Stewie to be possessed by Satan (since according to Roman Catholic theology the wine is the blood of Christ, and Satan would reject it). When the priest wants to exorcise him, aided by the entire town, the Griffin family escapes to Lois’ sister Carol’s house in Texas. While there, the family adapts to the Texan lifestyle, and Stewie enters a beauty pageant. Peter also becomes friends with ranchers, and after admitting to them that he is considered “mentally retarded”, the ranchers attempt to kill him by execution in an electric chair. He is saved however, and the family then returns home to Quahog after the search for Stewie is called to an end.

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