Episode 11 | The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Plot (Spoiler)

Stewie develops a tan due to Peter’s neglect while golfing, much to Lois’s annoyance. Stewie is fond of the tan, and begins visiting tanning stores, as well as purchasing a tanning bed for his own bedroom. After asking Brian to wake him up after a short period of time in the tanning bed, Brian falls asleep, and Stewie is severely burnt after being in the bed for more than six hours. After his skin peels, Stewie decides to give up his tan, but discovers a mole on his stomach. Brian immediately takes him to Dr. Hartman so that tests can be performed on the mole. While awaiting the results over several days, Stewie believes he is dying, and asks Brian to assist him in fulfilling a list of final requests. Stewie later learns the mole is not cancerous, and he will survive, but still requests Brian’s help in fulfilling his list of final requests. Meanwhile, Chris is bullied by Kyle, a new paper boy who is stealing his customers. Annoyed at Kyle for picking on Chris, Peter beats him up, but discovers bullying is fun, and begins to bully his friends. After preparing to beat up Randy, another child who bullied Peter as a young boy, he is stopped by Chris and is convinced that what he is doing is wrong.

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