Episode 9 | Road to Rupert

Plot (Spoiler)

The Griffins have a yard sale, but Brian inadvertently sells Stewie’s beloved teddy bear, Rupert, to a neighbor. Distraught at the prospect of losing Rupert, Stewie tracks him down, but when they find the neighbor’s house, it is empty. As they leave, they see a moving truck pulling away, and hitch a ride with Mayor West, asking him to follow the truck. West agrees, but stops outside the border to Connecticut, refusing to enter, due to his personal beliefs. As they leave the car, a box falls from the moving truck with the new address on it. After discovering the buyer, Sanford, is moving to Aspen, Colorado, Stewie and Brian rent a helicopter to travel across the mountains. Upon arriving, the two discover Sanford’s reluctance to give Stewie the bear, and so they both challenge him to a ski race down the mountain, agreeing that if Stewie wins, he can get Rupert back. After losing the race, Stewie then grabs the bear from Sanford’s child; then he and Brian carjack a passing motorist to return to Quahog.

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