Episode 10 | Peter’s Two Dads

Plot (Spoiler)

Lois and Peter forget Meg’s upcoming birthday, and have to be reminded about it by Chris. They organize a party in the house, with Peter as a clown. After excessive drinking, Peter attempts to ride a unicycle down the stairs, but falls and lands on his father, Francis, crushing him and later killing him. Upset at his father’s death, Peter decides to give up drinking, but quickly replaces it with crack. After being referred to a hypnotherapist by Brian, Peter recalls his father telling him as a child that he is not his biological father. Consulting with his mother afterwards, Peter discovers his father lives in the Republic of Ireland. Peter and Brian decide to travel there to meet him, only to discover Peter’s real father is the town drunk. Meanwhile, Stewie discovers he suffers from masochism and enjoys being hit.

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