Episode 5 | Whistle While Your Wife Works

Plot (Spoiler)

Quagmire returns from a vacation in Florida, smuggling fireworks back in his anus. When playing with the fireworks, Peter ends up holding one of the lit firecrackers, and it explodes, blowing off several of his fingers in the process. His fingers are reattached by hospital staff, but Peter begins to fall behind at work, so he requests that Lois do his work for him, after being threatened with the prospect of dismissal if he does not catch up. Peter attempts on numerous occasions to seduce Lois, resulting in her eventually giving in, and having sex with him in his office. Meanwhile, Brian begins dating Jillian, an attractive, but “dumb” young woman; much to the enjoyment of Stewie. Persuaded by Stewie to end the relationship, due to her lack of intelligence, Brian goes to her house, but ends up having sex with her, rather than breaking up.

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