Episode 4 | Saving Private Brian

Plot (Spoiler)

Chris decides he wants to join the United States Army after a presentation by the organization at his school. After telling the family over dinner in the evening, Brian stops at the army recruitment office the following day, when taking Stewie out of the house, but Stewie decides to sign the pair of them up for the army when Brian leaves to top-off the parking meter. Brian becomes stressed with the army training, and later decides he is going to leave, but is persuaded otherwise by Stewie. In an attempt to distract Chris from joining the army, Peter gets Chris a role in a gothic school band, which turns Chris into a rude child. Brian then successfully completes the training with Stewie, and the pair are sent to serve in Iraq, where, upon discovering they do not want to be there, attempt to get themselves dismissed. After this fails, a message comes through telling them that the war is over, and that they are free to go home.

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