Episode 3 | Hell Comes to Quahog

Plot (Spoiler)

After Peter fails to pick up Meg from the skating rink, she demands that Peter and Lois allow her to buy a car. Despite Meg showing an interest in a station wagon, Peter uses her money to buy a military tank. After he repeatedly uses it to destroy objects in the neighborhood, Joe Swanson impounds it. Meanwhile, a new shop is being built, Superstore USA. When it opens, Quahog begins to suffer from frequent power outages, due to the store’s increasing demand for electricity. Small businesses in the town also begin to go out of business. After looking for a job, Meg is employed by the store, despite Peter leading protests outside. When Peter is persuaded by the store to become an employee, Brian decides to destroy the store. He obtains the tank and, alongside Stewie, destroys the store from the inside out, and regular living circumstances are restored to the town.

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