Episode 16 | Peter’s Progress

Plot (Spoiler)

Peter learns from Cleveland’s Jamaican psychic cousin, Madame Claude, in a palm reading that in a past life he was Griffin Peterson (the founder of Quahog). We are shown a 17th-century England in which Griffin proposes to the love of his life, Lady Redbush. The ruthless King Stewart III, however, spots Redbush strolling through town and decides that he will marry her. When Griffin is en route to his wedding, Stewart exiles him to the New World. As Lady Redbush waits in growing anxiety, Stewart walks into the church; he tells her Griffin is dead, marrying her himself. Reaching the New World, Griffin establishes the colony of Quahog (which becomes a thriving settlement) and moves on with his life. King Stewart’s jester soon reveals the truth to Redbush, who leaves for Quahog and reunites with Griffin. When the king learns Redbush is gone, he leaves for Quahog to reclaim her. When they are found, Griffin threatens to kill an officer and Stewart threatens to kill Redbush. After the exchange of threats, Griffin and Stewart decide to settle their dispute with a talent show. For his act, King Stewart steals his jester’s (mostly unfunny) jokes. However, Griffin steals the show with a techno-rock number; he and Redbush live happily ever after in Quahog.

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