Episode 10 | Fox-y Lady

Plot (Spoiler)

Lois gets a job at Fox News, although Brian warns her that the channel is a biased network. On her first day she is assigned to an exposé on Michael Moore alleging that he is homosexual. When she spies on him at home she sees Rush Limbaugh leaving, causing her to conclude that Limbaugh and Moore are in a relationship. However, Fox News refuses to allow any material unfavorable to a conservative to be broadcast (making Lois realize that Brian was right). Lois and Brian take the story into their own hands, confronting whom they think to be Moore and a naked Limbaugh in a bedroom only to realize they are both Fred Savage. Flabbergasted, Lois decides to report his story instead. At the end, Lois is revealed to no longer work as a reporter; she does not reveal how or why, since no one cares.

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