Episode 1 | Love, Blactually

Plot (Spoiler)

Brian begins dating a woman named Carolyn, but decides not to have sex with her because (as Stewie points out) none of his relationships have worked because he has sex immediately after they meet. After three weeks, Brian finds out that Carolyn is dating Cleveland because she thinks Brian only wants friendship. This leads Brian to convince Cleveland’s ex-wife Loretta to reconcile with him so Brian can date Carolyn. Loretta invites Cleveland to a hotel to reconcile with him; however, Cleveland explains that he forgives her for cheating on him but he must move on with his life. Cleveland then visits Carolyn, whom he discovers is cheating on him with Quagmire. He goes to see Brian, and they make amends, as Cleveland notes that he is feeling a burning sensation when he urinates.

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  1. me and all my friends love you for making this site, we all use it. if you added auto play it would make my day

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