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Plot (Spoiler)

Peter enters Chris in a local hot dog eating competition after hearing about it on the local news. Brian discovers News of the World, the 1977 Queen album, as Peter and Chris search the attic for an antique that will cost them the $50 Chris needs to enter the contest. Brian pays Peter and Chris $50 for the CD to be able to screw with Stewie’s head since Stewie is instantly terrified of the enormous robot that is shown on the album as having just murdered the members of Queen. However, Brian persuades Stewie that it is just an album and that “most” of Queen are doing well now when Stewie makes an attempt at suicide.

Chris wins the competition after devouring 41 hot dogs, defeating Charles Yamamoto, the current hot dog eating world champion. Soon later, Chris begins to get stomach aches, so Peter and Lois decide to sign him up for Camp Fresh Start, a fat camp. Peter and Chris come across the body of an obese teen while hiking. Everyone turns to look at Jason Voorhees when Joe mentions that the young man was slain, but he confesses that he is only come to register his son. Peter believes that his brother-in-law Patrick Pewterschmidt was the murderer after Joe discovers that the corpse was strangled.

By then, Charles Yamamoto, who seeks vengeance after Chris defeated him in the hot dog eating competition, is attacking Chris while he sleeps at home. Yamamoto is about to kill Chris when Stewie appears and shows him the News of the World album, causing him to have a heart attack and leave him wondering whether the image was a vision of the past or future (a reference to the album Sheer Heart Attack featuring “Killer Queen” and song “Sheer Heart Attack” on the News of the World album). Patrick informs the police that Yamamoto, who is now dead, was the one who released him, exposing the murderer’s scheme to use Patrick as a scapegoat. Nevertheless, just as he is about to apologize to Patrick, Patrick vanishes, so Joe has Peter hurt him to make it appear as though Patrick escaped from his care. As the credits appear, the aforementioned “Killer Queen” plays.

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