Episode 6 | The Son Also Draws

Plot (Spoiler)

Chris wants to leave the Youth Scouts but is frightened to tell his father Peter because he detests the organization. When Chris accidentally runs over the troop leader during a Soap Box Derby, he is ultimately expelled. In order to get Chris readmitted, Peter insists on taking Chris and the rest of the family—his wife Lois, their daughter Meg, and their infant Stewie—to the Youth Scout headquarters in Manhattan. Their talking dog Brian is watching Nova while they are away, just as the program is cut short to air several episodes of the sitcom One Day at a Time. After a few episodes, he loses his intelligence and wants to change the channel but is unable to do so (nor can he turn the TV off).

As Peter wants to use the restroom, the family stops at a Native American casino, where Lois quickly develops a gambling addiction and loses the family car. Peter tries to get the car back by claiming to be Native American after learning that Lois gambled it away. He must embark on a vision quest to demonstrate his ancestry, according to the dubious Indian elders. Chris follows Peter into the bush with the intention of telling him that he doesn’t want to be in the Scouts—he just wants to draw. Hunger-induced delirium causes Peter to start communicating with anthropomorphic trees and receive a vision of Fonzie, his shaman. Peter ultimately pays attention to Chris’s complaints after hearing Fonzie’s counsel and discovers his son is a gifted artist.

Peter and Chris visit the casino once more to retrieve the automobile. Before Peter says, “Canada sucks,” the show finishes with Lois, Stewie, and Meg debunking myths about Native Americans, Mexicans, and Swedes, respectively.

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