Episode 1 | Death Has a Shadow

Plot (Spoiler)

Stewie completes his mind-control device as Lois makes dinner, but Lois takes it away from him because she won’t let ‘toys’ at the table. Later, Peter begs Lois for approval to go to a stag party. Lois agrees to let him go after he makes a commitment not to drink. Sadly, Peter breaks his vow to Lois and engages in activities like “Drink the beer.” The following day, he reports to work with a hangover and passes out while performing his duties as a safety inspector in a toy factory. A butcher knife, a surge protector, a gas can, razor blades, a porcupine, a toaster with forks inside, and plug-in water are just a few of the hazardous items that Peter fails to see. After the release of harmful toy products, the company receives negative attention, and Mr. Weed swiftly fires Peter.

Peter tells his kids the news during supper, but he chooses not to tell Lois. He attempts a variety of jobs, like cereal mascot and sneeze guard, but he utterly fails. While under pressure from Brian to give her the truth, all he is able to say to Lois is how obese she is. Brian stresses that Peter must consider the welfare of his family. Peter soon visits a welfare office to submit an application for government help with the term “welfare” in his head. However, a processing error results in a weekly check for $150,000, which is based on a comment made by former president Ronald Reagan in 1974, referring to a woman named Linda Taylor from Chicago, Illinois, as a “welfare queen,” by assuming that she was receiving such high amounts of government assistance. Peter, who told Lois he got a significant raise, spends his money on a variety of silly and extravagant activities, such as renting the Statue of David, giving Meg cosmetic surgery, and even going so far as to build a moat around his home to keep the Black Knight away.

Unfortunately, Lois shouts at Peter for lying to her after receiving the welfare cheque from the postal lady. During Super Bowl XXXIII, Peter and Brian decide to return the money to the taxpayers by dropping it from a blimp. They are instantly shot down after the chaos they cause.

Eventually, Lois learns the truth and appears in court, still enraged with Peter for initially lying to her. The judge convicts Peter to 24 months in prison for benefit fraud after he apologizes for telling Lois a lie and collecting the money rather than reporting the mistake with the assistance system. However, the Kool-Aid Man crashes through the courthouse wall and yells, “Oh yes!” while Lois, Brian, Chris, and Meg cry out, “Oh no!” Lois argues that he’s not really all that horrible, that she loves him, and that she will always support her husband. As a result, the judge throws her in jail with him. Despite his fierce dislike for his parents, especially Lois, Stewie needs them to be by his side as a newborn. The judge is then coerced into releasing his father and returning to his job by the man brandishing his mind control gadget. Peter claims to have learned his lesson and to never make the same mistake again. Instead, he will make an effort to obtain things like a minority scholarship, legal action against sexual harassment, and a disability claim.


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