Episode 5 | A Hero Sits Next Door (Uncensored + PEZ Scene)

Plot (Spoiler)

Safety inspector Peter Griffin is working at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory when his boss Mr. Weed introduces Guillermo, a ringer who will try to help the business win the yearly softball tournament. Peter’s wife Lois introduces him to the Swanson family, their new neighbors, and encourages him to get to know them. Peter, however, is uninterested and departs with Brian for softball practice. Due to the absence of the usual pitcher, Peter steps in. During a practice game, he throws a wild pitch that hurts Guillermo, and now he has to find a replacement or risk losing his job.

While this is going on, Lois visits the new neighbors with her youngest son, Stewie. Bonnie Swanson welcomes her and introduces her to her husband, Joe, while Meg immediately develops feelings for Kevin, Joe and Bonnie’s son. Peter treats the Swansons badly when he gets home. Later that evening, Peter mulls over a replacement for Guillermo, and Lois, hearing about her husband’s predicament, shares that Bonnie had informed her that Joe had played college baseball. After learning this, Peter approaches Joe, apologizes for his past treatment of him, and persuades him to join the business softball team. Peter and Mr. Weed, who are waiting for Joe at the ballpark, are shocked when Joe arrives there in a wheelchair since Peter had overlooked the fact that Joe is paraplegic. Despite this, Joe turns out to be a great player and helps Peter’s business win the game. That evening, during a party in his home, Joe announces that he is a police officer who was injured while battling The Grinch on the roof of an orphanage[a] and quickly gains the respect of his neighbors, which includes Peter’s family.

Peter is envious of Joe’s fame and desires to be a hero as well. In an effort to match Joe’s bravery, he makes an effort to thwart a bank heist. In the meantime, Peter and Brian are taken hostage, but Joe gets the thieves to give themselves up, and Meg discovers how to make Kevin notice her. Joe’s wheelchair is empty after being hoisted away in praise by the cheering throng. Stewie attempts to activate the “power of the wheelchair,” but Lois is able to take him away and place a pacifier in his mouth, causing him to fall asleep right away. Peter is dejected after the hostage scenario, but his family cheers him up by assuring him that even though he can’t match Joe’s typical bravery, he is still their hero. [


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