Episode 4 | Disney’s The Reboot

Plot (Spoiler)

The Griffins are in charge of a focus group discussing potential Family Guy reboots.

Lois! is a Family Guy reboot that has Lois as the main character. Lois, who works at a brewery, competes for a promotion in the premiere episode.
Chris, Ruth, Patty, and Neil are the main protagonists in the Family Guy Q-A remake, which transforms the program into an adolescent supernatural drama. Meg is slain in the pilot, and the other characters are tasked with figuring out how she was murdered.
Family Guy Again is a reboot/spin-off of the popular series Family Guy with Chris, Joe, and Tricia Takanawa as the main characters.

Following the presentation of these three, Peter enters and tries to provide further examples of reboots, such as a Netflix adaptation of the program and a spoof of BoJack Horseman. In the end, FOX chooses to maintain Family Guy in its current form.

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