Episode 13 | Rich Old Stewie

Plot (Spoiler)

When Brian delivers the news that Peter is passing away, Stewie is wealthy and residing in California in the year 50. They pick up Chris and Meg when they return home, who have both moved on with their lives. Stewie is horrified when he first arrives to the residence because of its state. When Peter meets the family, he gets Stewie to vow to look after them. Before Peter dies, he quickly rebuilds the house. But after giving out a round of cigars to honor Peter’s life and returning home to California to split his money with the family, the latter recovers as the entire family laughs about tricking him.

He has arranged the gas to stay on, burning up the house behind him as Chris lights his cigar, but he is aware of the ploy. Stewie, who had previously been frightened of getting older but is now looking forward to it, suddenly discovers he is having a fantasy as Brian begs him to put him out of his agony. He puts it on and tangles Herbert’s dragging testicles with his. Meg briefly imagines herself as Evita Perón when the same business closes, but Peter jolts her out of it and turns her into the back half of a farting horse, which he insists on doing the farting.


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