Episode 10 | Connie’s Celica

Plot (Spoiler)

As soon as Lois starts working as a substitute teacher at Adam West High, she clashes with Connie D’amico, a nasty, bully-prone classmate of Meg’s. After Connie is ultimately ejected, Lois starts to harass and cyberbully her, and eventually Lois openly threatens Connie. Then, when Connie is said to have been killed in a vehicle accident because of faulty brakes, Lois is put in the position of being the major suspect. Peter goes out to prove her innocence after realizing he would have to handle everything himself but fails. Later, Joe returns with Lois, telling her that Connie had faked her death by killing Peppa Pig and concealing the body in the car with a blonde wig to fool the police.

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