Episode 26 | Petergeist


After Joe builds a home theater, Peter tries to build a multiplex in his backyard just out of spite. While doing construction, Peter finds the skull of a deceased Indian Chief buried in the backyard. Brian urges him to put the skull back, but Peter decides to use it as a novelty. That night, the Griffins start experiencing strange paranormal activity, such as Stewie talking to the TV static, the chairs and refrigerator being stacked upside down on the kitchen table, and Chris getting attacked by an evil tree before being saved by Herbert. Lois is in denial of the events that are happening, until Stewie gets sucked into his closet and disappears. To find Stewie, the Griffins hire a spiritual medium to contact the other side, and learn that the entrance to spirit world is Stewie’s closet, while the exit is Meg’s rear end. After they eventually rescue Stewie, the spirits ravage the Griffin house. As the Griffins drive off away from the scene, Peter dumps the native American skull in a garbage can, restoring things to normal.

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