Episode 25 | You May Now Kiss the… Uh… Guy Who Receives”


Mayor West, facing growing outrage from the town for spending the entire treasury on a statue, bans gay marriage to distract everyone’s attention, and it worked. Jasper is heartbroken and Brian decides to do something about it. He goes around gathering signatures on a petition supporting gay marriage. Lois is struggling with the idea of gay marriage and refuses to sign Brian’s petition. Alyssa, who Chris is dating and is against gay marriage, tells Chris that if he destroys the petition she will let him touch her boobs. After he burned them, Brian stays up all night gathering another 10,000 signatures. When he finally presents it to Mayor West, he tosses it out of the window. What Mayor West did was the last straw for Brian, as he grabs a gun from a cop and takes him hostage. When Lois sees Brian on TV for what he’s doing, she realizes how strongly he feels and changes her mind about gay marriage. She goes down to the courthouse and convinces Brian to give himself up. Since Brian kidnapping has distracted everyone from the statue situation, Mayor West tears up the gay marriage ban, and in the end, Jasper and Ricardo have their wedding.

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