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Quagmire’s father becoming his mother was not actually anticipated among all the things to emerge from Family Guy obscurity. Family Guy certainly asks us to retain a lot of information about a universe that is constantly evolving for an animated sitcom. We can’t forget that Quagmire’s father changed his sex because there have been enough jokes about it throughout the years. Rekindling a one-night affair she had with Brian ten (TEN) seasons ago, though, is a huge jump. Ten years ago, I don’t even recall where I was living, so this entire connection kind of appeared out of nowhere.

Fortunately, the episode does a good enough job of reviewing the prior backstory. However, it could be viewed as lazy to keep repeating concepts from a decade ago. Maybe it makes sense to turn it around when you consider how much acceptance transgender people have gained in that period. But other than the fact that Brian and Quagmire are a little less embarrassed about the situation, the episode doesn’t really say anything about it. In any case, it doesn’t seem like the show has advanced as much as the rest of the globe.

The fact that neither Ida nor Brian appear in the opening act of this episode is what really confounds it. Peter and the boys put body cameras on themselves at the beginning of the program so they can recall the wonderful ideas they had while drinking. The genuine tale emerged out of left field, and there were countless potential directions in which it could go. I never would have guessed the outcome of this episode if I could have made 10,000 educated guesses. Even worse, the body cam plot has no impact all. It simply kind of vanished into thin air.

There is already a burning question after two episodes of season 18: where the heck are all the cut scenes? There should be lots of them in the sitcom known for having the most obscure cut scenes and then referring them repeatedly throughout the show. It was okay that only a few people showed up in the premiere; sometimes it’s best to keep the show uncluttered. But with two episodes in a row and just maybe five sequences overall, I hope this isn’t the series’ new premise. Additionally, if you’re only going to provide a few, make sure they’re good. Both of the two on this show were awful. Not in the Family Guy sense where it’s so terrible that it’s amusing, either. They just were not good.

Overall, this was an episode for devoted viewers and those who intend to binge-watch the entire season at once. Even if it is delightful to go back and read old tales, a ten-year gap is way too great. At least five years ago, this episode would have been more enjoyable. It would have been applauded for accepting transsexual people, and the setting would still have been pertinent. But as it is right now, the entire series appears to have stagnated over the past ten years.

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