Episode 1 | And Then There Were Fewer

Plot (Spoiler)

In a parody of a murder mystery, the residents of Quahog are invited over to a honorary dinner at James Woods‘ mansion, where Quagmire’s overweight date Stephanie, James Woods, his girlfriend Priscilla, Muriel Goldman, and Derek Wilcox are all murdered in sequence. A bloody golden globe and Priscilla’s dead body are found in Tom Tucker’s room leading the group to believe he is the killer. In the morning, Lois finds out that Diane Simmons is the true killer and she did it because James Woods was her boyfriend and dumped her on her 40th birthday and Tom pushed Channel 5 to replace her with a younger woman so she planned to kill Woods and frame Tom. As she prepares to kill Lois, she is shot by Stewie, vowing to be the one to kill Lois.


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