Episode 3 | American Gigg-olo

“American Gigg-olo,” the newest Family Guy episode, is a really strange one. It’s quite unpredictable. Even so, I’d say it’s one of the most mixed-bag Family Guy episodes I’ve watched in a while. There are so many disparate items in it.

First, there is Quagmire’s gigolo status. There are some hilarious moments in the plot. Additionally, other locations had some truly disgusting moments. that is also a benefit. Really enjoyable gross-out moments, please. It has it all: sleazy women, strange sex pimps, other hookers.

The second plot line concerns Brian’s need for insurance, which prompts him to look for employment. The Brian plot is just terrible. The Family Guy writers seem to be constantly trying to up Brian’s douche and pretentiousness ante. And trust me, he can be downright rude. When they produce these kinds of stories, it never really is humorous and isn’t even funny now. I’m not sure why they constantly bringing up issues like these. Stewie’s parts in it, though, are rather good.

Early on in the program, there is a substantial Peter segment when he is in the Access Hollywood bus interviewing Donald Trump just like Billy Bush did. Although the subject looks amusing, I thought the writing was bad and lazy. At the conclusion of Trump’s terrible outburst, Peter missed his chance to react brilliantly by just saying, “Oh my,” in a flat manner. And for some reason—I’m not sure why—he repeats the same line afterwards.

Meg’s concert is another another completely arbitrary addition; I’m not even sure why they chose to utilize it. It’s not that humorous, just sort of depressing. I’ve noticed that Family Guy frequently resorts to absurd, bizarre tragic jokes that serve no purpose other than to be odd. Randomness is acceptable, but in my opinion the randomness should cause laughter rather than simply a half-chuckle or a “huh.”

The episode’s conclusion was also quite lackluster, and overall, it had an odd vibe. even a week after the last episode. Not the finest of Family Guy, but not the worst either. I probably won’t watch it again. It’s true for many Family Guy episodes. Every year has its flops. Maybe next week’s will be better.

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