Episode 2 | Bookie of the Year

The most recent Family Guy episode, “Bookie of the Year,” was peculiar. It began with an odd Italian introduction that seemed to be employing the same old tropes.

Additionally, there was a really really protracted joke that I didn’t understand—possibly a movie reference? They repeated it twice, at the start and the finish. The issue with Family Guy is that. Although the structure is always all on the references and cutaways, it can become monotonous and too random.

In my imagination, the Family Guy writers’ room sometimes resembles a room full of dudes asking each other, “What this week?” rather than, say, manatees putting together ideas like South Park proposed. “Italians?” “Okay.” I am clueless. Anyway, a weak introduction.

But after that, Brian and Stewie join in on a Frank Sinatra Junior anecdote, and Chris is noted for having a strong pitching arm. So, another “Chris is oddly good at things” episode. Music, art, and now baseball. His extracurricular activities, in particular.

Peter and his pals also made wagers on the games. Brian, Stewie, and Frank open a restaurant. more things in Italian.

Not that I’m knocking the jokes; there were plenty that had me laugh out loud. And what a fantastic song Frank, Brian, and Stewie sing!! Good sites are constantly available. Even in episodes where I think the plot kind of falls flat and is a disappointment.

In terms of story this week, The Simpsons was kind of the standout; yet, to be fair, I believe Family Guy had a lot more hearty chuckles. In many weeks, the roles are reversed. However, I’m overjoyed that Family Guy is still on television. It adds some much-needed absurdism and nihilism to a world that is otherwise extremely serious.

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